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The Food Is My Friend Diet is a remarkable diet book designed to melt away the pounds slowly but surely.  If you have special food friends that make you feel better, learn how to make new food friends but still keep your old food friends.  Don’t do it alone.  Comedian Jackie Fabulous followed the 30-day plan.  Stop dieting.  Start enjoying life.

  1. -Learn how to make healthy choices, lose weight and increase physical activity

  2. -Re-channel feelings

  3. -Regain confidence and have fun doing it

  4. -Lose the weight once and for all

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2013 Best News Tie-In Campaign - Book Publicists of Southern California

2012 Best Nutrition Winner – National Indie Excellence Award, Beverly Hills, CA.


AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE (ACE) – The Food Is My Friend provides readers with quality, science-based nutritional information and accepted physical activity guidelines in a way which is easy to read and even easier to follow. All in all, this book truly solidifies the fact that it’s out with the “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to healthful eating, and it’s in with the mindset that “food is your friend.”

ACADEMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS - Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition Practice Group - This is a refreshing approach to weight management and weight loss. The author has an intriguing and positive way of motivating readers to create new beginnings and healthier lifestyles through diet, exercise and improved attitudes.

TODAY’S DIETITIAN - If you’re looking for a book that offers strategies for permanent weight loss and isn't just another quick fix, short term solution to shedding a few pounds, then grab a copy of The Food Is My Friend Diet.

NUTRITION 411 - The Food Is My Friend Diet book is a perfect combination of healthy lifestyle counseling and comic relief.  This book is a must-have for anyone looking for a real-life solution to weight management.

ACADEMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS - Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group - Cleverly enlisting true personal experiences of a real comedian, Jackie Fabulous, the book humors us into the sensitive subject of Jackie’s relationship with food. What could be taboo and uncomfortable - Jackie’s feelings after eating a whole pizza, too many cookies, or a half gallon of ice cream - offers practical strategies instead of judgement to turn unhealthy habits around.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARDS - Many dieters will be inspired and identify with Jackie Fabulous through her conversations with the author.  The book is easy to read owing to the excellent layout and organization.

THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW - The Food Is My Friend Diet is emphatically not a quick-fix or fad diet book; it’s grounded in solid, long-term nutritional principles and practical actions to help readers gradually lose weight and keep it off. Best of all, there’s no need to give up one’s favorite foods entirely-they can (and should!) be enjoyed in moderation. Highly recommended.

BLOGGER RASHMI AT WWW.YUMKID.COM – There are tons of diet books out there. But this book is different-it talks to you about many different topics. It’s almost like a friend giving you advice. There is a lot of useful information. I think you can learn a lot by reading this book.

REVIEWED FOR SHARON PALMER, RD, AUTHOR OF THE PLANT-POWERED DIET AND EDITOR OF ENVIRONMENT NUTRITION - Developing goals, promoting positive attitudes, and taking simple steps toward reaching a healthier lifestyle are recurring themes in The Food Is My Friend Diet. In the end, the reader will learn to separate themselves from the “enemy” or emotion that triggers emotional eating. Those seeking to lose weight learn how to overcome obstacles that interfere with success by recognizing one’s own individual red flags.

ACADEMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS NUTRITION EDUCATION FOR THE PUBLIC PRACTICE GROUP – Ruth Frechman takes what is a frustrating, challenging and sometimes overwhelming task of losing weight and makes it interesting, manageable and for once fun! The book has a 30-day plan for losing weight that incorporates lifestyle changes and the emotions of eating. Comedian Jackie Fabulous throws in her humorous take on the ins-and-outs of managing a new healthier lifestyle.


Ruth Frechman has written a wonderful, compassionate book about our relationship with food. It is informative without the preachiness of so many other diet books, filled with wit and a bit of fun along the way. TB

Emotional eating almost did me in-I never met a pizza I didn’t eat! I am back on track with the book’s guidance and encouragement. AR

I would recommend this book for people wanting to lose weight or even maintain a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle while eating well. DD

This book was fantastic! It helped me lose 35 pounds. I highly recommend this book if you are serious about weight loss. DP

Emotions really rule the way you eat and Ruth gives you practical advice on how to deal with these emotions. LS

The Food Is My Friend Diet is perfect for me. It’s a realistic way of eating without deprivation. JS

I started following the book two months ago and my mood and my energy started to change. TJ

Anyone trying to lose weight, wanting to eat healthfully, or curious to learn about nutrition in a really entertaining, easy read should have this book. CG

This book is comprehensive, clearly written and is packed with practical tips on how to enjoy food and improve one’s health at the same time. GS

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