Ruth Frechman, MA, RDN, CPT owner of “On the Weigh” is a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist with over 20 years of experience, helping people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Ruth Frechman, MA, RD, CPT is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a successful private practice in Burbank, California.  Ruth specializes in weight loss for all ages, medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education.  Whether you want to lose weight or have diabetes, you will get all of the support that you need to feel confident about making changes for a healthy lifestyle.

IN NEED OF A NUTRITION MAKE-OVER?  Ruth is available for all of your health and wellness concerns!


The first counseling session lasts one hour. 

It includes a complete nutrition assessment and

nutrition education.  Clients receive a plan with

individual goals based on their specific needs.

Follow-up visits last 30 minutes.  Group sessions

are also available.

Shapedown is one of the nation’s leading weight loss

programs for children and adolescents 6-18 years old.

As a licensed Shapedown provider for over 20 years, Ruth has helped hundreds of children lose weight, increase physical activity and improve communication skills.  For more information on Shapedown, please visit

TOO BUSY to leave your computer?? Video conferencing on Skype is available.


As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Ruth can plan a training session to meet your individual needs.  Coming soon is her Live Forever Fitness program.


Cooking is an essential component for eating healthy.  Any meal can be quick, healthy and simple, yet taste good.  Ruth’s “Look Mom. I Can Cook!” cooking show is an example of how to make quick and easy meals taste delicious and be healthy.


Healthy choices begin in the grocery store.  Tours include: identifying healthy foods and foods for special needs, reading labels, avoiding impulse buying and tips for saving money.


Ruth speaks on a variety of eating healthy and weight loss subjects for groups.  Whether it’s a single class or a workshop, participants will be inspired to change their habits and start living a healthy lifestyle.


Employee worksite programs are a great way for companies to save money.  Studies show that for every dollar spent on prevention, a company can save $2-$5 on employee health and wellness.  Ruth conducts nutrition seminars aimed at wellness, weight loss or disease management to large and small companies.  Teaching cooking classes and supermarket tours can be an education component to any wellness program.


- Pinch an Inch - 4 week weight control program

  1. -Feeling Fine After 55 - 6 week wellness and weight loss program

Studies have determined that overweight or obese employees cost companies money.  Extra weight translates into an increase in lost workdays, higher medical costs and more workers compensation claims.  More and more employers are investing in wellness programs to save money on future health care premiums.


Ruth turns science-based nutrition information into consumer-friendly messages.  Articles are positive, motivating and accurate.


  1. -Weight loss, children, adolescents and adults

  2. -Wellness

  3. -Heart disease, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol

  4. -Diabetes

  5. -Sports nutrition

  6. -Pediatric and adolescent nutrition

  7. -Women’s health, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, and osteoporosis

  8. -Men’s Health

  9. -Older Adults

  10. -Vegetarianism

  11. -Healthy Cooking

  12. -Food Safety

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